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Men in Space

Men in Space

Tom McCarthy

ISBN: 9781846880506
Year of publication: 2007

Tom McCarthy Men in Space For Jean-Christophe Roelens Despite the richness of their colour, it is the line that is the basic means of expression in the work of the Bakovo masters. Executing a rigorous set of formal procedures, lines never allow themselves to become mere accessories to the expression of volume, to imply depth or to confer realism: instead, they help present the world they depict as unreal, flat and dematerialized. Using inverted perspective and multiple points of view which ...

Keywords: & Art Thefts Detective Fiction General Literary Mystery Post-Communism - Europe; Eastern


Robert K Wittman
John Shiffman

ISBN: 9780307461490
Year of publication: 2010

Robert K. Wittman with John Shiffman PRICELESS How I Went Undercover to Rescue the Worlds Stolen Treasures To Donna, my wife, and our three children, Kevin, Jeffrey, and Kristin ALLA PRIMA Chapter 1 SOUTH BEACH Miami, 2007. THE PLATINUM ROLLS-ROYCE WITH BULLETPROOF windows glided east onto the Palmetto Expressway toward Miami Beach, six stolen paintings stashed in its armor-plated trunk. Great works by Degas, Dal, Klimt, OKeeffe, Soutine, and Chagall were piled rudely in the rear, wrapped ...

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