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Burmese Boy

Burmese Boy

Kevin Armstrong

Year of publication: 2014

Kevin Armstrong BURMESE BOY CHAPTER ONE: Malaysia Day Thermos is reputed to be one of the best gay saunas in Kuala Lumpur. Youll find it near the Grand Imperial Hotel. Just walk down an alley at the side of the hotel and you will find Day Thermos. Its just opposite the famous Blue Boy gay bar. On its exterior the Day Thermos establishment presents itself as a male gymnasium. It has a modest amount of gym equipment in one small room certainly, but theres a lot of action that goes on within that ...

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My Pink Road to Russia

My Pink Road to Russia

Sonja Franeta

ISBN: 9780990492801
Year of publication: 2015

Sonja Franeta MY PINK ROAD TO RUSSIA TALES OF AMAZONS, PEASANTS, AND QUEERS For my sister, Gina And for all those who shared their stories What do you know and what do you just believe Linda Hogan, Power Introduction: An Invitation to Readers Welcome to a book about some of the people and stories I have encountered on my life path. It is a collection of essays and memories of the journeys and thoughts of a Bronx lesbian with Slavic roots. I invite you to meet some of the wonderful queers, ...

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The Gender Creative Child

The Gender Creative Child

Diane Ehrensaft
Norman Spack

ISBN: 9781615193073
Year of publication: 2016

Diane Ehrensaft, PhD THE GENDER CREATIVE CHILD PATHWAYS FOR NURTURING AND SUPPORTING CHILDREN WHO LIVE OUTSIDE GENDER BOXES To my beloved parents, Edith Ehrensaft and Morris Ehrensaft, ninety-six and ninety-eight years old, and still going strong Foreword by Norman Spack, MD In 1985, WHEN I ran an adolescent medicine practice, a colleague asked me to provide testosterone treatment for a recent college graduate, my first transgender patient. Although the patient had been born anatomically female ...

Keywords: Bisexual Child Psychology Demographics Gay Gender Studies Lesbian LGBT Studies Medical Books Parenting Pederasty Politics and Social Sciences Psychology and Counseling Transgender