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Mark Hollingsworth
Stewart Lansley

ISBN: 9780007287147
Year of publication: 2016

Mark Hollingsworth and Stewart Lansley LONDONGRAD FROM RUSSIA WITH CASH THE INSIDE STORY OF THE OLIGARCHS There are no barriers to a rich man - Russian proverb CHAPTER 1 The Man Who Knew Too Much I have dug myself into a hole and I am in too deep. I am not sure that I can dig myself out - STEPHEN CURTIS, January 2004 6.56 P.M., WEDNESDAY, 3 MARCH 2004. A brand-new white six-seater .5-million Agusta A109E helicopter lands under an overcast sky at Battersea heliport in south-west London. Waiting ...

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Elon Musk

Elon Musk

Ashlee Vance

ISBN: 9780062301239
Year of publication: 2015

Ashlee Vance ELON MUSK Tesla, SpaceX, and the Quest for a Fantastic Future DEDICATION For Mum and Dad. Thanks for Everything. 1 ELONS WORLD DO YOU THINK IM INSANE This question came from Elon Musk near the very end of a long dinner we shared at a high-end seafood restaurant in Silicon Valley. Id gotten to the restaurant first and settled down with a gin and tonic, knowing Musk wouldas everbe late. After about fifteen minutes, Musk showed up wearing leather shoes, designer jeans, and a plaid ...

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