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The Klone and I: A High-Tech Love Story

The Klone and I: A High-Tech Love Story

Danielle Steel

ISBN: 9780440225690
Year of publication: 1998

PRAISE FOR DANIELLE STEELS THE KLONE AND IFUN.PeopleDeft, bubbly, decidedly unusual a welcome departure.Kirkus ReviewsSteels fans will enjoy this.BooklistHUMOROUS AND CLEVER.Greenville Advocate Ill.If you want a fun read try Danielle Steels latest book. I thought I was reading an incarnation of the late comic-writing Erma Bombeck I was so delighted in reading this bookBloomington Herald-Times Ind.UPROARIOUS.Butler County Tribune-Journal Allison, Ia.A fun romp with a love triangle of a jilted ...

Keywords: Cloning Contemporary Fantasy Fiction General Romance Triangles (Interpersonal relations)