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Norwegian Wood

Norwegian Wood

Haruki Murakami

ISBN: 9780375704024
Year of publication: 1987

Haruki Murakami Norwegian Wood Haruki Murakami Norwegian Wood I was 37 then, strapped in my seat as the huge 747 plunged through dense cloud cover on approach to Hamburg airport. Cold November rains drenched the earth, lending everything the gloomy air of a Flemish landscape: the ground crew in waterproofs, a flag atop a squat airport building, a BMW billboard. So - Germany again. Once the plane was on the ground, soft music began to flow from the ceiling speakers: a sweet orchestral cover ...

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Devon Hartford

Year of publication: 2013

Reckless The Story of Samantha Smith 2 by Devon Hartford Storytelling is wakeful dreaming. Writing is the harnessing of our dreams with words. Devon Hartford DEDICATION To every person who reached out to me online to say hello and to encourage me to keep doing what I was doing. You know who you are, and I want to sincerely thank you, AGAIN :-D Without your support, I might never have finished this book on time. Now its yours to enjoy Prologue CHRISTOS THREE MONTHS EARLIER I couldnt bear to look ...

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Away from Her

Away from Her

Alice Munro

ISBN: 9780307386694
Year of publication: 2007

Alice Munro AWAY FROM HER Preface Every now and then, a piece of writing enters your life and collects seemingly unrelated threads, tangling some of them together, straightening out a few, until an articulate pattern is embroidered. One you could have never made yourself. The Bear Came Over the Mountain entered my life when I was twenty-one years old. It crept right into me, had its way with me, and shifted my direction in ways I didnt understand until years later. I am not an academic, nor a ...

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