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Crowner Royal

Crowner Royal

Bernard Knight

ISBN: 9781847393289
Year of publication: 2010

Bernard Knight Crowner Royal CHAPTER ONE In which Crowner John loses a corpse Not half as good as Marys, but it will have to do us for now, grunted John de Wolfe, looking down into a wooden bowl in which a few lumps of meat floated in a pallid stew. Across the small table, Gwyn of Polruan was already slurping his food from a horn spoon, alternately dipping a hunk of barley bread into the liquid. Its not too bad, Crowner At least its piping hot, though I dont know that we need that on a day like ...

Keywords: & Coroners – England Detective Devon (England) Fiction Great Britain Historical lorraine Mystery Police Procedural rt – History – Angevin period; 1154-1216