Keywords: crime and mystery



Yasmina Reza

ISBN: 9781609808334
Year of publication: 2018

Babylon Yasmina Reza Translated by Linda Asher for Didier Martiny The world isnt tidy its a mess. I dont try to make it neat. GARRY WINOGRAND Hes against a wall, in the street. Standing there in suit and tie. He has ears that stick out, a frightened glance, short white hair. Hes thin, narrow shoulders. Hes holding out a maga-zine with the word awake on it. The photo caption reads Jehovahs WitnessLos Angeles. The picture dates from 1955. He looked like a little boy. Hes been dead a long time. He ...

Keywords: crime and mystery french crime novel literary fiction literary fiction in translation literature in translation memory fiction murder mystery murder romance novel in translation Prix Renaudot


Garry D Abson

ISBN: 9781907324833
Year of publication: 2017

G. D. Abson MOTHERLAND A Gripping Crime Thriller Set in the Dark Heart of Putins Russia For Jenny Prologue Saint Petersburg. New Years Eve, 1999 Her husbands men had been drinking vodka since midday. Through the serving hatch she could see Sasha making a toast with his hand curled around one of her crystal glasses. She had no desire to listen to him and tore apart a head of lettuce at the sink, washing the leaves in the icy water until it numbed her fingers. She heard grunting and dropped the ...

Keywords: Crime and Mystery suspense