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Mind Games with a Serial Killer

Mind Games with a Serial Killer

Brian Alan Lane

Year of publication: 2015

Brian Alan Lane MIND GAMES WITH A SERIAL KILLER With thanks for the support of my friends, family, everyone at Dove Books, and that great editor and gifted writer, Lee Montgomery, who did the unthinkable and went out on a limb for me. B.A.L. About the Book When it was first released, Brian Alan Lanes genre-bending bestseller Mind Games With a Serial Killer was simultaneously hailed and reviled. Some readers wrote that the book was personally important and life-changing, others that it was the ...

Keywords: cannibalism Crime & Criminals Criminal minds Criminology homicide Murder & Mayhem serial killer Social Sciences True Crime
A Very Expensive Poison

A Very Expensive Poison

Luke Harding

ISBN: 9781783350957
Year of publication: 2016

Luke Harding A VERY EXPENSIVE POISON The Definitive Story of the Murder of Litvinenko and Russias War with the West Dioxin: Any of three unsaturated heterocyclic compounds, two having the formula C4H6O2 and the third C4H4O2 Gelsemium: A colourless, inodorous, bitter alkaloidal substance obtained from the root of G. sempervirens Polonium: A highly radioactive metallic element, discovered in 1898 by Professor and Marie Curie in pitchblende Ricin: An extremely toxic lectin present in the seeds of ...

Keywords: Criminology Intelligence and Espionage Russian and Former Soviet Union True Crime
The Ice Man

The Ice Man

Philip Carlo

ISBN: 9781429902663
Year of publication: 2009

Philip Carlo THE ICE MAN CONFESSIONS OF A MAFIA CONTRACT KILLER This work is dedicated to my agent and dear friend, Matt Bialer, for always being there, for his constant help, guidance, and unwavering support.This has been a long, bumpy road, Matt, a harrowing journey I could not have made without you. My husband is a good man, a kind mana great father. All my childrens friends are always saying they wish they had a dad like my husbandlike Richard. Mrs. Barbara Kuklinski on the day Richard was ...

Keywords: assassins criminology mafia organized crime serial killers serial murderers sociology true crime