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Cyber Attack

Cyber Attack

Tim Washburn

ISBN: 9780786042531
Year of publication: 2018

Tim Washburn Cyber Attack Pinnacle Thrillers by TIM WASHBURN Cyber Attack The Day After Oblivion Cataclysm Powerless DEDICATION This book is dedicated to: Loren and Frances Washburn and Jack and Sue Cress CHAPTER 1 Washington Dulles International Airport The skyline around Dulles International Airport changed significantly in 2007, thanks to the construction of a new air traffic control tower that soars 325 feet above the surrounding landscape. With a panoramic view of the entire airport, the ...

Keywords: Cyber Warfare Cyberterrorism Terrorism Thriller
Unholy Code

Unholy Code

Thomas Waite

ISBN: 9781532871122
Year of publication: 2016

Thomas Waite Unholy Code Prologue Jimmy McMasters didnt mind working the Labor Day weekend, not when it left him at the helm of a fifty-foot carbon-fiber speedboat racing at 170 mph across the Gulf. The scorching pace thrilled him but scarcely strained the twin turbine engines, which rocketed him past oil platforms that loomed ghostly in the Louisiana mist like prehistoric creatures marching toward land on mighty steel legs. The honey-haired twenty-two-year-old throttled up to 180, but kept his ...

Keywords: Cyber Warfare Cybercrime NSA Technothriller Terrorism Thriller