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Beyond the Barriers

Beyond the Barriers

Timothy W Long

ISBN: 9781934861950
Year of publication: 2011

Beyond the Barriers Timothy W. Long Published by Permuted Press at Smashwords. Copyright 2011 Timothy W. Long. Cover art by Zach McCain. In Memory Guy E. Meadows 1920 1974 The bravest man I never knew. Acknowledgments My awesome test readers: Mary Nilsson, Patrick Rooney, and Parick DOrazio. My cheerteam: Theresa Labbe, Andrew Chapman, Melanie Strom, Chip Fehd, Jeremy Mahan, Julie Scott, Karen Standley, Jin Moore, Dave Hoffman, Steve Medaugh, Christian Willhite, and Maggie ...

Keywords: & & Action Adventure among the living apocalypse battle for seattle dawn of the dead dead rising End of the World Fiction Horror living dead Military permuted press romero Seattle Suspense tim long walking dead War Zombies