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Alexander Grin

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Alexander Grin CRIMSON SAILS Alexander Grin CRIMSON SAILS A FANTASY translated by Fainna Glagoleva Moscow, PROGRESS PUBLISHERS Presented and dedicated to Nina Nikolayevna Grin by the AUTHOR November 23, 1922, Petrograd I. THE PROPHESY Longren, a sailor of the Orion, a rugged, three-hundred ton brig on which he had served for ten years and to which he was attached more strongly than some sons are to their mothers, was finally forced to give up the sea. This is how it came about. During one of his ...

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The Sweetest Dream

The Sweetest Dream

Doris Lessing

ISBN: 0060937556
Year of publication: 2001

Doris Lessing The Sweetest Dream perfectbound With gratitude to my editor at Flamingo, Philip Gwyn Jones, and to my agent Jonathan Clowes, for good advice and criticism, and to Antony Chennells, for help with the Roman Catholic parts of the book. Authors Note I am not writing volume three of my autobiography because of possible hurt to vulnerable people. Which does not mean I have novelised autobiography. There are no parallels here to actual people, except for one, a very minor character. I ...

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