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Rise of the Horde

Rise of the Horde

Christie Golden

ISBN: 9780743471381
Year of publication: 2006

Rise of the Horde Christie Golden Prologue The power the stranger radiated swirled in glorious hues and vibrations, flowing like a cape behind him, encircling his mighty head with light like a crown. The voice was audible in both the ears and the mind, and raced along the blood like a sweet song long forgotten and now suddenly recalled. What he offered was tempting, was exciting, and made the heart ache with yearning. But still, but still there was something. When he had gone, the leaders of the ...

Keywords: Blackhand Draka Drek’Thar Durotan Gul’dan Kil Ner’zhul Orgrim Doomhammer Velen ’jaeden