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The High King of Montival

The High King of Montival

S M Stirling

ISBN: 9780451463524
Year of publication: 2010

S. M. Stirling The High King of Montival CHAPTER ONE NANTUCKET ISLAND IMBOLC, FEBRUARY 18, CHANGE YEAR 242023 AD Where did it all go Mathilda Arminger said. There were roads and houses Now its just trees. Theyre old trees too you can see that, even if the sea-wind has stunted them. Why are you asking me Rudi Mackenzie said, with studied reason in his tones. The which always drives you crazy and makes your eyes sparkle fetchingly, anamchara mine, he thought. Youre the one with the magic sword ...

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The Sleeper Awakes

The Sleeper Awakes

Herbert George Wells

Year of publication: 0

THE SLEEPER AWAKES A Revised Edition of When the Sleeper Wakes H.G. WELLS PREFACE TO THE NEW EDITION When the Sleeper Wakes, whose title I have now altered to The Sleeper Awakes, was first published as a book in 1899 after a serial appearance in the Graphic and one or two American and colonial periodicals. It is one of the most ambitious and least satisfactory of my books, and I have taken the opportunity afforded by this reprinting to make a number of excisions and alterations. Like most of my ...

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