Keywords: elemental magic



Jennifer L Armentrout

Year of publication: 2011

Half-Blood Covenant Jennifer L. Armentrout Spencer Hill Press The Covenant Series Daimon A short prequel to Half-Blood, available as a free download at www.SpencerHil Half-Blood Pure April 2012 Deity November 2012 For Kathy Youre missed and loved by many Pronunciation Guide for Half-Blood Daimon: DEE-mun Aether: EE-ther Hematoi: HEM-a-toy Apol yon: a-POL-ee-on Agapi Mou: ah-GAH-pee MOO Akasha: ah-KAH-sha CHAPTER 1 MY EYES SNAPPED OPEN AS THE FREAKISH SIXTH sense kicked my fight or ...

Keywords: demons elemental magic Greek gods mythology urban fantasy YA