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Atomic Thunder: The Maralinga Story

Atomic Thunder: The Maralinga Story

Elizabeth Tynan

ISBN: 9781742234281
Year of publication: 2016

Elizabeth Tynan ATOMIC THUNDER THE MARALINGA STORY To the future. May it learn something from the past. Acknowledgments As a bookish introvert, I enjoy nothing more than the challenge of living inside a big writing project. I have lived inside this one for quite a while. I havent been entirely on my own, though. In fact, without the magnificent contribution of a number of people, there would be no book. I hasten to add that while I have been greatly assisted by some excellent individuals, if ...

Keywords: Environmental Science history Military Nuclear Warfare
The Human Age

The Human Age

Diane Ackerman

ISBN: 9780393240740
Year of publication: 2014

Diane Ackerman THE HUMAN AGE THE WORLD SHAPED BY US PART I WELCOME TO THE ANTHROPOCENE Apps for Apes On a blue-sky day at the Toronto zoo, flocks of children squired by teachers and parents mingle excitedly between exhibits. Some kids pull out cell phones and send texts or snap pictures with the easy camaraderie of wired life. Clustered noisily along a large domed habitat thats been designed to look like a multistoried Indonesian forest complete with tree nests and meandering stream, they watch ...

Keywords: Environmental Science Global Warming and Climate Change Natural History Science