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Caesar's Vow

Caesar's Vow

S J A Turney

Year of publication: 2014

S. J. A. Turney Caesars Vow Prologue I will hear nothing more of it, Priscus. Caesar drummed his fingers irritably on the table top as his brow twitched, leaden-cold eyes locked challengingly on the man before him. The general, Priscus noted, looked more tired than ever, yet there was something about him that had been lacking in evidence this past year or two: a fire. A purpose. Something had changed in Caesar, and it revolved around the missives he had sent to and received from Rome. Priscus ...

Keywords: army caesar Gaul legions roman Rome Vercingetorix
A Frozen Hell

A Frozen Hell

William R Trotter

ISBN: 9781565122499
Year of publication: 2000

William R. Trotter A FROZEN HELL The Russo-Finnish Winter War of 19391940 To the memory of Colonel J. N. Pease, whose faith never wavered ACKNOWLEDGMENTS This book began as a research project for a seminar course in Russian history at Davidson College, in 196263, and continued as a thesis for a junior-year-abroad program sponsored by the Scandinavian Seminar. Ten drafts and twenty-four years later, the metamorphosis is complete, and my thanks are due to the following people who helped along the ...

Keywords: ETO Finland Russian Russo-Finnish War WWII