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Finding Magic

Finding Magic

Stacia Kane

ISBN: 9780345540522
Year of publication: 2012

Finding Magic by Stacia Kane Downside Ghosts - 0.5 Chapter One Chess was sitting in the Church library, studying Psychopomps: Their Uses and History, when Elder Marks appeared on the other side of the table. As usual, his blue suit looked dusty and the cuffs were frayed as usual, the black Church makeup ringing his eyes had smudged halfway down his cheeks, making him look less like a ghost and more like a drunken clown. Thou are wanted in Elder Griffins office, Miss Putnam, he said, and left ...

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Night of the Nazi Zombies

Night of the Nazi Zombies

Michael G Thomas

ISBN: 9781906512538
Year of publication: 2010

Night of the Nazi Zombies Michael G. Thomas CHAPTER ONE It was the morning of the 6th of June. A day that signalled the opening of the Second Front in Europe and it was part of the grand battle plan of the Allies to surround and finally defeat Nazi Germany. After years of grinding warfare on the Eastern Front it was the turn of the British, Canadian and American troops to open up a second front. These Allied armies would soon be arriving in massive numbers and if successful would not stop until ...

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