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The Thief

The Thief

Aine Crabtree

Year of publication: 0

THE THIEF by Aine Crabtree Prologue Jul A cab horn blared close behind me as I splashed through a puddle onto the sidewalk. I glanced fearfully back at the vehicle through the drizzle, clutching my umbrella and my sack of Chinese food. The back wheel hit the puddle and a cascade of dirty water drenched my lower half. The cab zipped around the corner and was gone. New York always knew how to make you feel loved. I walked quickly up the sidewalk, feeling the runoff puddling in my boots, soaking ...

Keywords: archetype fae feral grimm harbinger immortal magic magic mirror
The Eighth Court

The Eighth Court

Mike Shevdon

ISBN: 9780857662286
Year of publication: 2013

Mike Shevdon The Eighth Court ONE The fair was an assault on the nostrils. The press of bodies intermingled with the sickly scent of spun sugar over diesel fumes from the generators, cut by the ozone tang of sparking electricity from the rides, gave him indigestion, not helped by the thumping bass of the music. It had Marshdock feeling sick even before hed found the meeting place. One of the oldest of the travelling fairs originally theyd been a nexus for information exchange and maintaining ...

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