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Non Metallic

Non Metallic

Eric C Stever

ISBN: 9781949026016
Year of publication: 2018

E.C. Stever NON METALLIC Nonmetallic The metal-man wore a thin coat, ignorant of the winter wind that tore the heat from the rest of us. When I saw him, I wanted to rush over, punch him on the arm, tell him to put on his winter clothes like everybody else. Only I didnt do that. I just watched him walk. It was snowing in circles that day. The cat had gotten out, brushing past my skirt and jumping over our fence before I could even yell her name. Mom said I had better go fetch her because of the ...

Keywords: Cyberpunk family crisis Hardware Metaphysical post apoc sardonic scifi heroine scifi stories scifi weaponry Singularity