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Trial of Passion

Trial of Passion

William Deverell

ISBN: 9780771026737
Year of publication: 1997

William Deverell Trial of Passion PART ONE May the countryside and the gliding valley streams content me. Lost to fame, let me love river and woodland. VIRGIL DIRECT EXAMINATION BY MS. PATRICIA BLUEMAN Q You are a retired minister A I was an Anglican bishop. Q And how old are you A Seventy-nine. Q Where do you live THE COURT: Please sit down if youd be more comfortable, Dr. Hawthorne. This is only a preliminary hearing, quite informal. Witness sits. A At 137 Palmer Avenue in West Vancouver. Q Do ...

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Missing: Presumed Dead

Missing: Presumed Dead

James Hawkins

Year of publication: 2001

James Hawkins Missing: Presumed Dead Chapter One The chill of emptiness unnerved Detective Inspector Bliss the moment he strolled into the foyer of his new station. The public enquiry desk seemed abandoned: not simply unoccupied not merely devoid of the usual mob of whiners seeking or leaking information. It was, he thought, more like the Marie Celeste hurriedly deserted. An early morning cup of Orange Pekoe still steamed a ledger, opened, had been neglected mid-entry a gold Waterman fountain ...

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