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Jarkko Sipila

Year of publication: 2014

Jarkko Sipila Darling CAST OF CHARACTERS Kari Takamki.Detective Lieutenant, Helsinki PD Violent Crimes Unit Suhonen.Undercover Detective, VCU Anna Joutsamo.VCU Sergeant Mikko Kulta.VCU Detective Kirsi Kohonen.VCU Detective Leif Nystrm.VCU Detective Toukola.Narcotics cop Eero Salmela.Suhonens old friend and ex-con Laura Vatanen..Victim Marjaana Vatanen.Lauras mother Nea Lind.Defense attorney Sanna Rmptti.TV crime reporter Jorma Korpivaara.Building custodian Pekka Rautalampi..Mustache Guy at the ...

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A Frozen Hell

A Frozen Hell

William R Trotter

ISBN: 9781565122499
Year of publication: 2000

William R. Trotter A FROZEN HELL The Russo-Finnish Winter War of 19391940 To the memory of Colonel J. N. Pease, whose faith never wavered ACKNOWLEDGMENTS This book began as a research project for a seminar course in Russian history at Davidson College, in 196263, and continued as a thesis for a junior-year-abroad program sponsored by the Scandinavian Seminar. Ten drafts and twenty-four years later, the metamorphosis is complete, and my thanks are due to the following people who helped along the ...

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