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Spider Bight

Spider Bight

Tymber Dalton

ISBN: 9781622422531
Year of publication: 2012

Spider Bight Deep Space Mission Corps -3 by Tymber Dalton Prologue From the personnel files of Dr. Louis Graymard, Deep Space Mission Corps Chief Personnel Acquisitions Officer: Mission Debriefing Summary 1 File 20-8630.1 Ship: DSMCV Tamora Bight Base of Origin: New Phoenix, Arizona, Earth Crew: Captain Aaron Lucio First Officer Caphis Bates Mate Ford Caliban Medical Officer Dr. Emilia Hypatia Captain Lucio and his crew returned to the Martian base with the crews of the Kendall Kant and the ...

Keywords: Futuristic M énage a Trois/Quatre