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The Tapestried Chamber, and Death of the Laird's Jock

The Tapestried Chamber, and Death of the Laird's Jock

Walter Scott

Year of publication: 1999

THE TAPESTRIED CHAMBER by Sir Walter Scott INTRODUCTION. This is another little story from The Keepsake of 1828. It was told to me many years ago by the late Miss Anna Seward, who, among other accomplishments that rendered her an amusing inmate in a country house, had that of recounting narratives of this sort with very considerable effectmuch greater, indeed, than any one would be apt to guess from the style of her written performances. There are hours and moods when most people are not ...

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Richard Laymon

ISBN: 0843949783
Year of publication: 2002

Richard Laymon ISLAND This book is dedicated to Frank Coghe, a legend in his own time. When they made you, Cog, they broke the mold. Introduction THE FOX IN THE CHICKEN SUIT by Dean Koontz On February 14, 2001, at far too young an age, Richard Laymon left this world for another. Within a large community of suspense, horror, mystery, and fantasy writers, news of his death was received with shock and grief. His writing was edgy, often disturbing, and definitely not for everyone, but even those ...

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