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The Lady Chapel

The Lady Chapel

Candace Robb

ISBN: 9780749318840
Year of publication: 1994

Candace Robb The Lady Chapel 1 The Last Judgement Corpus Christi Day dawned mild and sunny, answering the prayers of the guildsmen of York, and of all who looked forward to the Corpus Christi pageants. Many saw the dawn, for the plays began with the blessing of the players on the porch of Holy Trinity Church, Micklegate, before dawn, followed immediately by the first performance of the day as the sun rose. Twelve stations had been marked the evening before by banners displaying the arms of the ...

Keywords: Archer Government investigators Owen (Fictitious character)
Deep Cover

Deep Cover

C Paradee

ISBN: 9781932300239
Year of publication: 2004

DEEP COVER BY C PARADEE Disclaimers: General: This story is a work of fiction. All of the characters and events portrayed in this work are a figment of my imagination. Some of the places in this story are real, as is the CIA, but the resemblance is the name only because I made everything else up. Subtext: This story depicts sexual relations between two women who are in love. If that offends you there are plenty of other stories you might want to read. If you are under 18 or it is illegal where ...

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