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Tornado Down

Tornado Down

John Nichol
John Peters
William Pearson

ISBN: 9780141937717
Year of publication: 2008

RAF Flight Lieutenants John Peters and John Nichol with William Pearson TORNADO DOWN This book is dedicated to the members of XV Squadron, all of whom served with such distinction during Operation Desert Storm January 17, 1991. UK: BRITAIN SAID TO LOSE ONE FIGHTER-BOMBER LONDON, Jan 17, Reuter: A British Tornado fighter-bomber has been lost during raids on Iraqi targets, according to military sources in the Gulf quoted by the Press Association national news agency. The agency said it was ...

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Viper Pilot

Viper Pilot

Dan Hampton

ISBN: 9780062130358
Year of publication: 2012

Dan Hampton VIPER PILOT A Memoir of Air Combat To my brother fighter pilotsand all who have seen The Elephant. Nothing can compensate my family for the constant worry and sleepless nights my profession caused them but I thank them all, especially my parents and beautiful wife, Beth, for their patience and forbearance. There are only two types of aircraftfighters and targets. DOYLE WAHOO NICHOLSON, USMC Authors Note I WROTE THIS BOOK MYSELF. RECONSTRUCTING THE COMBAT scenes in Viper Pilot wasnt ...

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