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Wilson Harp

Year of publication: 2014

Wilson Harp EMP Chapter 1 The 108 turnoff had always been tricky for folks who came out to visit us. The new four-lane made it easier to see, but it would still sneak up on you if you werent expecting it around the bend. For me, it was all the same. I had made that turn off the main highway as long as I had been driving. I had known the shift and speed of the car as it made that turn since the time I was old enough to stand in the back seat and watch for deer along the woods as we came home from ...

Keywords: EMP Hard Science Fiction High Tech


Kyle West

ISBN: 9781492101086
Year of publication: 2013

EVOLUTION The Wasteland Chronicles, Volume 3 by Kyle West To those who have read from the beginning: thanks for your continued support. Your encouragement has kept me going. Chapter 1 No matter how far or how fast you run, the past will always follow you. Two months later, and none of what Ive lived feels real. My dad will always be dead. Khloe will always be dead. Bunker 108, along with almost every other Bunker, is gone and offline. The United States no longer exists, except as an idea, along ...

Keywords: dystopia High Tech zombies