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The Glass Castle

The Glass Castle

Jeannette Walls

ISBN: 9780743247535
Year of publication: 2005

To John, for convincing me that everyone who is interesting has a past Acknowledgments Id like to thank my brother, Brian, for standing by me when we were growing up and while I wrote this. Im also grateful to my mother for believing in art and truth and for supporting the idea of the book to my brilliant and talented older sister, Lori, for coming around to it and to my younger sister, Maureen, whom I will always love. And to my father, Rex S. Walls, for dreaming all those big dreams. Very ...

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No Place

No Place

Todd Strasser

ISBN: 9781442457218
Year of publication: 2014

Todd Strasser NO PLACE To Fred and Glen, whove been there for so long. Thanks, guys. Acknowledgments My thanks to Coach Michael Chiapparelli and pitcher Michael Williams for their gracious assistance. And to David Gale, Navah Wolfe, and Dr. Petra Deistler-Kaufmann, for their many insightful and helpful suggestions. PART ONE PROLOGUE In the dark Im jogging quickly across the hospital parking lot toward the emergency room. My cell phone vibrates. Even before I dig it out of my pocket, I know its ...

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Bruce Blake

ISBN: 2940011052958
Year of publication: 2010

Bruce Blake YARDWORK Smashwords Edition Tim made a special trip to buy the shovel he used to bury the nameless man. It was easy: an older lady in a blue vest directed him to the proper aisle without a second thought. A fifteen-year-old buying a spade doesnt raise concern in anyone its not like purchasing a gun or a hunting knife, though a shovel could be as deadly. But the shovel didnt kill the man, Tim merely used it to dig holes to put bits and pieces of him in, a task for which it was made. ...

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