Keywords: ideologies and doctrines

The Soviet Century

The Soviet Century

Moshe Lewin

ISBN: 9781784780661
Year of publication: 2016

Moshe Lewin THE SOVIET CENTURY Edited by Gregory Elliott PREFACE The Soviet Union is no more. As some like to put it, Its history meaning Forget all that. Politicians, academics and the media elaborate on this formula in accordance with their specific interests and perspectives. But the term history is rich in meanings and the Soviet era is still recent history. Even if their numbers are declining, the majority of the populations of Russia and the other republics of the ex-Soviet Union were ...

Keywords: 20th Century Communism Europe Ideologies and Doctrines International and World Politics Politics and Government Politics and Social Sciences Radicalism Russia Russian and Former Soviet Union Socialism
Crippled America

Crippled America

Donald J Trump

ISBN: 9781501137969
Year of publication: 2015

Donald J. Trump CRIPPLED AMERICA How to Make America Great Again This book is dedicated to my parents, Mary and Fred C. Trump, and my brothers and sistersMaryanne, Robert, Elizabeth, and Fred. Also, my wonderful wife, Melania, and my incredibly supportive children, Don Jr., Ivanka, Eric, Tiffany, and Barron. And importantly, to the people who are ready to Make America Great Again PREFACE YOU GOTTA BELIEVE SOME READERS MAY BE wondering why the picture we used on the cover of this book is so angry ...

Keywords: Federal Government Ideologies and Doctrines Leaders and Notable People Politics and Social Sciences United States