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The Inca Prophecy

The Inca Prophecy

Preston W Child
Tasha Danzig

Year of publication: 2017

Preston W. Child, Tasha Danzig The Inca Prophecy 1 Obligation Solar Eclipse Imminent: 22 Madalina reached for the vodka. It was unlike her to drink this much, but after what she had just seen, what she had just experienced, nobody would blame her. The rancid liquid blazed its way down her throat, rendering her momentarily stunned. As she choked for breath, she thanked God that soon the poison alcohol would make everything better. Tears impaired her vision as the vodka claimed her control, but ...

Keywords: Action Adventure Historical Inca Military Technothriller Thriller
Inca Kings

Inca Kings

David Leadbeater

ISBN: 9781540607072
Year of publication: 2016

David Leadbeater Inca Kings CHAPTER ONE Kenzie sat as demure and coyly as she was able, practically having to sit on her right hand which had begun twitching about ten minutes ago just two minutes after shed walked into this auction house as it craved for the welcome weight of the hefty katana she preferred to be sheathed over her left shoulder. It wasnt just an idle craving. Some of these assholes, they needed to see the glint of that blade, to blink in terror as the razor edge gleamed, to ...

Keywords: Action Adventure Historical Mysteries Inca Thriller
Theodosia and the Serpents of Chaos

Theodosia and the Serpents of Chaos

R L LaFevers

ISBN: 9780618756384
Year of publication: 2007

Theodosia and the Serpents of Chaos by R. L. LaFevers To clever girls everywhere who get tired of feeling like no ones listening. And to Kate OSullivan, who is very, very clever and not the least bit bossy. Illustrated by Yoko Tanaka PART ONE Mother Sends a Surprise DECEMBER 17, 1906 I DONT TRUST CLIVE FAGENBUSH. How can you trust a person who has eyebrows as thick and black as hairbrushes and smells of boiled cabbage and pickled onions Besides, Im beginning to suspect hes up to something. Whats ...

Keywords: & 1901-1910 Action Adventure Adventure and Adventurers Antiquities Blessing and Cursing egypt Egypt - Antiquities egyptian Family Life Family Life - England Fiction Good and evil Great Britain Great Britain - History - Edward VII Great Britain - History - Edward VII; 1901-1910 Incantations Incantations; Egyptian Juvenile Fiction London (England) London (England) - History - 20th Century magic Museums Occult Fiction Occultism


Stevan Mena

ISBN: 9780991000517
Year of publication: 2013

Stevan Mena TRANSIENCE Thank you Guy Cohen, I will never forget. For Diane, Samantha and Victoria CHAPTER 1 The ghastly smell of the burlap bag that suffocated her for most of the trip lingered on her face and hair. Her own dripping sweat still reeked of its pungent, mildewed odor. It had made her want to vomit. Now the remnants of its awful smell kept her focused as she raced through thick, jagged branches, determined to live. Sharp stones jutting from the uneven ground jabbed and sliced into ...

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