Keywords: intelligence and espionage

Russia's Military Revival

Russia's Military Revival

Bettina Renz

ISBN: 9781509516186
Year of publication: 2018

Bettina Renz RUSSIAS MILITARY REVIVAL Acknowledgements Part of the research and writing for this book was completed during a project funded by the Finnish Prime Ministers Office, Governments Analysis, Assessments and Research Activities fund from October 2015 until July 2016. I would like to thank the fund for the generous support. The project, entitled Russian hybrid warfare, was conducted jointly with Hanna Smith at the University of Helsinkis Aleksanteri Institute. Hanna also contributed with ...

Keywords: Intelligence and Espionage International Relations Political Science
A Very Expensive Poison

A Very Expensive Poison

Luke Harding

ISBN: 9781783350957
Year of publication: 2016

Luke Harding A VERY EXPENSIVE POISON The Definitive Story of the Murder of Litvinenko and Russias War with the West Dioxin: Any of three unsaturated heterocyclic compounds, two having the formula C4H6O2 and the third C4H4O2 Gelsemium: A colourless, inodorous, bitter alkaloidal substance obtained from the root of G. sempervirens Polonium: A highly radioactive metallic element, discovered in 1898 by Professor and Marie Curie in pitchblende Ricin: An extremely toxic lectin present in the seeds of ...

Keywords: Criminology Intelligence and Espionage Russian and Former Soviet Union True Crime