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The Theory of Love

The Theory of Love

Thomas Lewis
Richard Lannon
Fari Amini

Year of publication: 0

The theory of Love.Thomas Lewis, Fari Amini and Richard Lannon Whats in it for me Find out what science can teach us about why and how we love. Usually, when we talk about love, we dont talk about it scientifically. Human love is often seen as a mysterious and irreducible phenomenon that exists outside the cold realm of science, and as one that simply wont yield to its scientific understanding. Because the subject of love has long been considered the dominion of poets and artists exclusively, we ...

Keywords: brain evolution investigation love science


Robert K Wittman
John Shiffman

ISBN: 9780307461490
Year of publication: 2010

Robert K. Wittman with John Shiffman PRICELESS How I Went Undercover to Rescue the Worlds Stolen Treasures To Donna, my wife, and our three children, Kevin, Jeffrey, and Kristin ALLA PRIMA Chapter 1 SOUTH BEACH Miami, 2007. THE PLATINUM ROLLS-ROYCE WITH BULLETPROOF windows glided east onto the Palmetto Expressway toward Miami Beach, six stolen paintings stashed in its armor-plated trunk. Great works by Degas, Dal, Klimt, OKeeffe, Soutine, and Chagall were piled rudely in the rear, wrapped ...

Keywords: art thefts investigation
Running the Maze

Running the Maze

Jack Coughlin
Donald A Davis

ISBN: 9780312554958
Year of publication: 2012

Gunnery Sgt. Jack Coughlin USMC Ret. with Donald A. Davis RUNNING THE MAZE A Sniper Novel 1 FIVE-MINUTE BREAK. DR. JOEY Ledford sat on the shaky remnants of a wooden chair, smoking a Marlboro and sweating while monsoon rains slammed the tin roof of the makeshift medical clinic of United Nations Refugee Camp Five. Somewhere, doctors and nurses were performing surgeries in antiseptic, air-conditioned rooms that were packed with every conceivable device of the medical arts, with storage areas ...

Keywords: mass murder investigation terrorists undercover operations Washington Metropolitan Area