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Night of the Dragon

Night of the Dragon

Richard A Knaak

ISBN: 9780743471374
Year of publication: 2008

Night of the Dragon PROLOGUE He was trapped... trapped... trapped... The darkness of his prison closed in around him. He could not breathe, could not move. How had this happened What were the foul little creatures who had somehow managed to ensnare him Vermin capturing a leviathan It was impossible But it had happened... He wanted to roar, but could not. There was no sound here, anyway. The silence drove him mad. He needed to be free There had to be some escape A blinding emerald light enveloped ...

Keywords: Dargonax Iridi Kalec Kalecgos Korialstrasz Krasus Rhonin Rom Sintharia Vereesa Windrunner Zendarin Windrunner Zzeraku