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The Flood

The Flood

William Corey Dietz

ISBN: 9780345459213
Year of publication: 2003

WILLIAM C. DIETZ THE FLOOD For Marjorie, with love and gratitude. ACKNOWLEDGMENTS Thanks go to Steve Saffel for charting the course, to Doug Zartman for coordinating the pieces, to Eric S. Trautmann for polishing til it sparkled, to Eric Nylund who led the way in The Fall of Reach, to Nancy Figatner and the Franchise Development Group for their support, and to Jason Jones, who, along with the rest of the outstanding Bungie team, created one helluva pulse-pounding game. PROLOGUE 0103 Hours, ...

Keywords: Flood Foehammer Halo Keyes Master Chief McKay Silva SPARTAN Zuka ’Zamamee