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Hold Back the Night

Hold Back the Night

Pat Frank

ISBN: 9780062421814
Year of publication: 2017

Pat Frank HOLD BACK THE NIGHT For the United States Marines Chapter One CAPTAIN SAM MACKENZIE clung to his dream as long as he could. The dream was of his wife, Anne. She eased across the bed, and pulsed in his arms, but she was strangely cold, and he was bewildered. Come closer, he whispered, and she moved tight against him, but she was still cold, and no relief to his desire. Then in the half light that lies between sleep and consciousness he recognized, as if his mind stood apart from him and ...

Keywords: Action and Adventure Korean War
The Hunters

The Hunters

James Salter

ISBN: 9781619020542
Year of publication: 2012

James Salter THE HUNTERS for W who was my friend PREFACE TO THE 1997 EDITION The Korean War, in which the action of this novel takes place, was fought from 1950 to 1953. The geography of Korea and the sort of fighting that took place there were then familiar matters. Jet fighters were newly operational and the first combat between them occurred when pilots and planes from the Soviet Union were sent to support the communist armies of China and North Korea. They were opposed mainly by United ...

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