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Christie Golden

ISBN: 9781783295593
Year of publication: 2016

Christie Golden WARCRAFT THE OFFICIAL MOVIE NOVELIZATION PROLOGUE Moonlight bathed the throne room of Stormwind, causing the the white stone of the empty royal chair to glow as if with its own deep radiance, and transforming the golden lions crouched at its base to silver beasts with hollowed eyes. Cool, milky light caught the clean lines of weapons on display, and turned the shadows in the corners, where its pale fingers could not reach, into pools of infinite darkness. In the fey glow, someone ...

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Sons of Anarchy: Bratva

Sons of Anarchy: Bratva

Christopher Golden

ISBN: 9781250060839
Year of publication: 2014

Christopher Golden SONS OF ANARCHY BRATVA 1 Jax Teller liked peace and quiet as much as the next guy, but hed learned the hard way never to trust them. Hed spent his whole life as part of the Sons of Anarchy motorcycle clubfirst as the son of its founder, then as a member, and now as vice president of its original charterand he didnt know any other way to live. Even when the club wasnt in the midst of trouble, there was usually some brewing. Not today. Just to have something to do, Jax reeled in ...

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Brauna E Pouns
Donald Wrye

ISBN: 9780671633455
Year of publication: 1987

Brauna E. Pouns AMERIKA The Triumph of the American Spirit A Novel Based on a screenplay by Donald Wrye Prologue In the history of human folly, arrogant fantasies of military supremacy and pathetic illusions of national safety have played a crucial role. The Great Wall of China, the Spanish Armada, the Maginot Lineall were thought to be impregnable. All fell. And with them fell not only governments, but ideals, not only nations, but those unique aspects of the human spirit that were embodied in ...

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