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Waiting Game (The Chronicles of Covent)

Waiting Game (The Chronicles of Covent)

J L Ficks

ISBN: 9781105524448
Year of publication: 2012

Waiting Game By J. L. Ficks J. E. Dugue Art by Thom Scott Logo by James Gilks Map by J. L. Ficks J. E. Dugue Font Dugue by Hannah M. Erhardt Font Romance Fatal Serif by Juan Casco The Chronicles of CoventTale One of the Shade Chronicles: WAITING GAME Limited Illustrated EditionCopyright 2012 Mirror Images Publishing Copyright Chronicles of Covent All Rights ReservedThis book is protected under the copyright laws of the United States of America. Any reproduction or unauthorized use of any ...

Keywords: action adventure covent dragons epic fantasy heroes homespun magic medieval mirror images triloriad
Crowner's Quest

Crowner's Quest

Bernard Knight

Year of publication: 2014

Bernard Knight Crowners Quest Glossary ABJURER A criminal or accused person who sought sanctuary in a church and then elected to abjure by confessing his sin to the coroner and leaving the realm of England for ever, to avoid being mutilated or hanged. He had to proceed on foot, dressed in sackcloth and carrying a wooden cross, to a port nominated by the coroner and take the first ship abroad. If there was a delay, he had to wade out up to his knees in every tide, to show his willingness to ...

Keywords: & _NB_Fixed Coroners Detective Devon (England) England Fiction Great Britain – History – Angevin period; 1154-1216 Historical Medieval Mystery onlib Police Procedural rt – England
Lost to the West: The Forgotten Byzantine Empire That Rescued Western Civilization

Lost to the West: The Forgotten Byzantine Empire That Rescued Western Civilization

Lars Brownworth

ISBN: 9780307407962
Year of publication: 2010

FOR ANDERS,the great storyteller of our youth CONTENTSNote to ReaderGuide to MapsIntroductionPrologue: Roman Roots1. Diocletians Revolution2. Constantine and the Church Ascendant3. The Pagan Counterstroke4. Barbarians and Christians5. A Dreadful Rumor from the West 6. The Fall of Rome7. The Rise of Peter Sabbatius8. Nika9. Of Buildings and Generals10. Yersinia Pestis11. A Persian Fire12. The House of War13. The Image Breakers14. The Crumbling Empire15. The Turning Tide16. The Glorious House of ...

Keywords: Ancient Ancient - General Byzantine Empire Byzantine Empire - History Civilization General History History - General History History: World Medieval Middle East Middle East - Turkey Rome Western