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Khost: Some Caves Are Best Left Unexplored

Khost: Some Caves Are Best Left Unexplored

Vincent Hobbes
A K Waters

ISBN: 9780985911034
Year of publication: 2013

Vincent Hobbes, A. K. Waters Khost: Some Caves Are Best Left Unexplored KHOST Written by: Vincent Hobbes Created by: AK Waters Produced by: Zulu 7 Productions Thank you for your service to the United States of America James Waddell Johnson United States Army Special Forces Dale Comstock United States Army The Delta Force Keith K. United States Naval Special Warfare A Special Thanks to Chris and Angie Wilson for their donation to the Naval Special Warfare Foundation. Also to my friends in ...

Keywords: Action Chemical Weapons Horror Military Thriller Monsters Thriller
Red Sky

Red Sky

Travis Tufo

ISBN: 9781311988058
Year of publication: 2013

Travis Tufo RED SKY A SHORT STORY To my dearest Maria, This may be the last letter I send to you for a while. But dont despair my dear it is because my officer says the war is rounding an end and has me going on more missions to dwindle down the Germans. Although the frequent deployments take a toll on my body, it means that I am one step closer to seeing you again. That in itself gives me enough strength to push on. Any moment now I could be finishing my last act of duty and will be able to hop ...

Keywords: action adventure military experiment monsters Paranormal ww2
SNAFU: Hunters

SNAFU: Hunters

Tim Marquitz
James A Moore
Christine Morgan
Geoff Brown
R P L Johnson
Kirsten Cross
David W Amendola
N X Sharps
Evan Dicken
D F Shultz
Rose Blackthorn
Seth Skorkowsky
V E Battaglia
Brad C Hodson
Patrick Freivald

Year of publication: 2016

SNAFU: Hunters Edited byAmanda J. Spedding, Geoff Brown Publishers Note: This book is a collection of stories from writers all over the world. For authenticity and voice, we have kept the style of English native to each authors location, so some stories will be in UK English, and others in US English. We have, however, changed dashes and dialogue marks to our standard format for ease of understanding. This book is a work of fiction. All people, places, events, creatures, and situations are ...

Keywords: Action Anthology Creatures Horror Monsters Thriller


Gina Ranalli

Year of publication: 2011

UNEARTHED by Gina Ranalli For Louise and Dave Chapter 1 The rain had fallen hard for six straight days and the muddy ground sucked at Rebecca Robinsons boots as she approached the edge of her property calling for her dog. The sky churned shades of gray that wrestled and rolled against each other like lovers, or maybe enemies. Lou she yelled, nearing the tree line that marked the beginning of 900 acres of wild forest. Where has that dog gotten off to She stopped, frowning into the woods, ...

Keywords: apocalypse giant insects monsters