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Pereira Maintains

Pereira Maintains

Antonio Tabucchi

ISBN: 9781847679642
Year of publication: 1994

Pereira Maintains by Antonio Tabucchi INTRODUCTION PEREIRA TRANSFORM I am sometimes asked to name my favourite books. The list changes, depending on my mood, the year, tricks played by memory. I might mention novels by Nabokov and Calvino and Tolkien on one occasion, by Fitzgerald and Baldwin and E.B. White on another. Camus often features, as do Tolstoy, Borges, Morrison, and Manto. And then I have my wild card, the one I tend to show last and with most pleasure, because it feels like revealing ...

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Russia News

Russia News

Timong Lightbringer

ISBN: 9781446638682
Year of publication: 2010

America speaks - Hello, hullo, ladies and gentlemen, misters and sisters We are glad to Heck, Im gonna to to think and speak like I am a foreigner with such speed Ghm, Im sorry, my respected watch-ers, see-ers, stare-ers, and finally just the ones, who did not find anything better than to stupidly roll on a sofa in front of the TV this silent Sunday evening Russia News telecast is in the ether, and I, its permanent, though not immortal, figure, Vladimir Vladimirovich Pupkin. Yes, all of us ...

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