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Nightflyers: The Illustrated Edition

Nightflyers: The Illustrated Edition

George R R Martin
David Palumbo

ISBN: 9780525619680
Year of publication: 2018

George R. R. Martin NIGHTFLYERS The Illustrated Edition WHEN JESUS OF NAZARETH HUNG DYING on his cross, the volcryn passed within a year of his agony, headed outward. When the Fire Wars raged on Earth, the volcryn sailed near Old Poseidon, where the seas were still unnamed and unfished. By the time the stardrive had transformed the Federated Nations of Earth into the Federal Empire, the volcryn had moved into the fringes of Hrangan space. The Hrangans never knew it. Like us they were children of ...

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Laurell K Hamilton

ISBN: 9780698156432
Year of publication: 2013

DANCING Anita Blake Novella Book 22.5 by Laurell K. Hamilton Sergeant Zerbrowski of the Regional Preternatural Investigation Team, RPIT, and his lovely wife Katie held an annual barbecue at their house for all the cops who could come. They timed it for when the worst of the summer heat was past, but it was still shorts and tank top weather. This year was unseasonably cool, so late August was the date. It was the earliest theyd ever been able to do it. The cookout was family friendly, so light ...

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The Bastard Mummy

The Bastard Mummy

Frank Zafiro

Year of publication: 2010

Frank Zafiro The Bastard Mummy The Bastard Mummy Detective Finch watched his partner, Detective Elias, walk into the Major Crimes bullpen at 0645 hours. Elias rubbed his bleary eyes and reached for his coffee cup. Dont even bother, Finch said, seated at his desk. Elias paused in mid-reach. Huh Finch smiled humorlessly. Were catching. And youre going to love this one. Elias grunted. He finished reaching for his cup, filling it halfway. Run it for me. Finch didnt reply, but held his plastic smile. ...

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