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Matt Eaton

ISBN: 9781311041081
Year of publication: 2015

Matt Eaton BLANK President Clinton asked me when I went over to Justice to find the answers to two questions who killed JFK and are there UFOs. Webb Hubbell, Friends in High Places One The chilled predawn light offered just enough illumination to negotiate Canberras streets without headlights, but the progress was slow. The sheer volume of domestic flotsam that had migrated from the abandoned yards of Yarralumla made driving a hazardous prospect. If the car broke down or a tyre punctured, ...

Keywords: afterlife communications army intelligence australian aborigines bases international affairs JFK assassination outback adventure postapocalyptic thriller secret government supernatural abilities scifi


Jennifer L Armentrout

Year of publication: 2013

ORIGIN A LUX NOVEL BOOK FOUR Jennifer L. Armentrout For my mother, who was my biggest fan and supporter. You will be missed but never forgotten. Chapter 1 Katy I was on fire again. Worse than when I got sick from the mutation or when onyx was sprayed in my face. The mutated cells in my body bounced around as if they were trying to claw their way through my skin. Maybe they were. It felt like I was splayed wide open. There was a wetness gathering on my cheeks. They were tears, I realized slowly. ...

Keywords: jennifer armentrout lux Origin Romance romance series