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Tipping Point: The War With China - The First Salvo

Tipping Point: The War With China - The First Salvo

David Poyer

ISBN: 9781466857421
Year of publication: 2015

David Poyer Tipping Point: The War With China The First Salvo All nations want peace but they want a peace that suits them. ADMIRAL OF THE FLEET SIR JOHN JACKY FISHER 1 Crete Even the hills looked ancient. They stretched away mile after mile, bright green under the spring sky, patched with bleached rock where the spare soil had worn away. Over centuries, no, millennia Dan Lenson glanced at his wife. Her head was turned away, blond hair flickering in the warm wind from the open passenger-side ...

Keywords: Action and Adventure China East Africa Genre Fiction Literature & Fiction Military Mystery; Thriller & Suspense Pacific Sea Adventures Sea Stories Thriller Thriller & Suspense Thrillers & Suspense War & Military
The Last Island

The Last Island

Joan JK Groves
Elliott Vaughn Groves

ISBN: 9780988935112
Year of publication: 2013

Joan J.K. Groves Elliott Vaughn Groves THE LAST ISLAND This book is dedicated to our beloved son, Joel, our loving family, and our kind friends, in Faith. Joan and Elliott Introduction It is simple enoughH2Owater. Water, a single drop hanging from the sink waiting to be the last drop waiting to fall into a full glass of water. Water, the fresh flow of a winter spring into a freshly unthawed lake. Water, the bubbly foam from the shallows filtering through the soft sands of the shore. All of this ...

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