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ADS 03 - A Tale of Two Demon Slayers

ADS 03 - A Tale of Two Demon Slayers

Angie Fox

ISBN: 9781453888957
Year of publication: 2010

A Tale of Two Demon Slayers Angie Fox LOVE SPELL NEW YORK CITY Dire Predictions I knocked on the door to Dimitris room. He opened it wearing a pair of green plaid boxers and nothing else. The man was temptation in the flesh. Too bad we didnt have time for that right now. I placed the book in his hands. Take a look at this. I ignored the way he undressed me with his eyes. Instead, I scooted past my personal Greek god and flopped down on his bed. He cocked a brow and sat down next to me, book in ...

Keywords: Demonology Fantasy Fiction Man-Woman Relationships Paranormal Paranormal Fiction Preschool Teachers Romance
How Children Succeed

How Children Succeed

Paul Tough

ISBN: 9780547564654
Year of publication: 2012

Paul Tough HOW CHILDREN SUCCEED Grit, Curiosity, and the Hidden Power of Character For Ellington, who prefers books about dump trucks. Introduction In the summer of 2009, a couple of weeks after my son, Ellington, was born, I spent the day in a prekindergarten classroom in a small town in New Jersey. The two events were unrelatedI was visiting room 140 at the Red Bank Primary School not to scope out the class as a new parent but to try to understand it as a journalist. At first glance, the ...

Keywords: & & & Cognitive Psychology Decision-Making Educational Policy Kindergarten Preschool Problem Solving Reform