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Waverley — Complete

Waverley — Complete

Walter Scott

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WAVERLEY OR T IS SIXTY YEARS SINCE BY SIR WALTER SCOTT PUBLISHERS NOTE It has long been the ambition of the present publishers to offer to the public an ideal edition of the writings of Sir Walter Scott, the great poet and novelist of whom William Hazlitt said, His works are almost like a new edition of human nature. Secure in the belief not only that his writings have achieved a permanent place in the literature of the world, but that succeeding generations will prize them still more highly, we ...

Keywords: 1745-1746 -- Fiction Jacobite Rebellion
Prince Thief

Prince Thief

David Tallerman

ISBN: 9780857662699
Year of publication: 2013

David Tallerman Prince Thief CHAPTER ONE As meetings to decide the fate of a city went, this one was looking a lot like the prelude to a riot. Of the gathered audience, only a few were paying attention to the stage where Id somehow found myself the rest were turned to bawl at a neighbour, or to spew invectives at the rows behind them. Half a dozen self-contained arguments had broken out along the length and breadth of the room, any of which might explode into violence at the slightest ...

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