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The Dead Mountaineer's Inn

The Dead Mountaineer's Inn

Arkady Strugatsky

ISBN: 9781612194332
Year of publication: 2015

Arkady and Boris Strugatsky The Dead Mountaineers Inn CUSTOM RE-COMPILATION with ILLUSTRATIONS Cover Design by Pahek Zeljko Illustrated by Gennadiy Novozhilov Copyright c 1970 by Arkady and Boris Strugatsky Translation copyright c 2015 by Josh Billings First Melville House printing: March 2015 Melville House Publishing 145 Plymouth Street Brooklyn, NY 11201 and 8 Blackstock Mews Islington London N4 2BT facebook.commhpbooks melvillehouse Library of Congress Cataloging-in-Publication ...

Keywords: aliens detective extraterrestrial mystery robots
The Last Good Man

The Last Good Man

Linda Nagata

ISBN: 9781937197230
Year of publication: 2017

Linda Nagata THE LAST GOOD MAN The Business of War We told her not to go. It was too dangerous. She told us it would be all right. There would be security. The gray-haired gentleman speaks in quiet syllables, each chiseled by the emotions he holds in check as he explains the circumstances that have brought him to Requisite Operations Incorporated, a private military company headquartered in Thurston County, south of Seattle. In a conference room elegantly appointed in dark-brown fabrics and ...

Keywords: Artificial Intelligence autonomous robotics autonomous weapons Hard Science Fiction high-tech science fiction Military Science Fiction Military Thriller near-future science fiction private military company robots


Keary Taylor

ISBN: 9781463525965
Year of publication: 2011

Keary Taylor EDEN For my dad, with whom I watched many, many science fiction movies and TV shows, making me always wonder what if. ONE Good-bye, my friend, Avian whispered, closing his eyes with silent words of regret that echoed through the rest of us. We all shut our eyes as Avian pressed the device to Tyes arm, unable to watch the death of the man who had been our family member and protector since the formation of Eden. The sounds reverberated in my brain, the hum of thousands of volts of ...

Keywords: cybernetic dystopia robots