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The Fall of the Russian Empire

The Fall of the Russian Empire

Donald James

ISBN: 9780586057452
Year of publication: 2015

Donald James THE FALL OF THE RUSSIAN EMPIRE For Robert Frank Wheal Prologue The chteau stood above the village, a cluster of turrets and square pigeonniers. A pair of white doves circled it, brilliant in the sunshine. I drove under the clock tower and stopped the car in the cobbled courtyard. On both sides arched openings in stone barns gave into a darkness where cattle stirred. As I got out of the car a man descended the stone staircase ahead. He was in his sixties, slightly built. I crossed ...

Keywords: History Russia and Former Soviet Republics War
Sunbathing in Siberia

Sunbathing in Siberia

Michael A Oliver-Semenov

ISBN: 9781910409077
Year of publication: 2014

M. A. Oliver-Semenov SUNBATHING IN SIBERIA: A MARRIAGE OF EAST AND WEST IN POST-SOVIET RUSSIA To everyone living in Russia, everyone living outside of Russia, and everyone in-between. PART I a. Aeroflot Flight SU0242. March 29th 2011. London Moscow Jaffa Cake: A round soft sponge type thing topped with orange coloured jelly and covered in a thin layer of chocolate. How was anyone supposed to know a Jaffa is an orange when it doesnt say so on the box It said Jaffa Cakes, meaning that Jaffa was ...

Keywords: Europe Historical Russia and Former Soviet Republics Travel Writing
Mutiny: The True Events That Inspired The Hunt for Red October

Mutiny: The True Events That Inspired The Hunt for Red October

David Hagberg
Boris Gindin

ISBN: 9780765313508
Year of publication: 2008

David Hagberg and Boris Gindin MUTINY THE TRUE EVENTS THAT INSPIRED THE HUNT FOR RED OCTOBER For Laurie David Hagberg This book is for my lovely wife, Yana, with special thanks. It was she who inspired me to tell this story. And for my granddaughter, Alexandra Gindin. My wish is that this book will always remind her of the immense love I and the rest of the family have for her. Boris Gindin ACKNOWLEDGMENTS I would like to thank Elizabeth Winick, who knew that this was a story that must be told. ...

Keywords: dissidents Europe Naval Russia Russia and Former Soviet Republics USSR
Slaughter at Halbe

Slaughter at Halbe

Tony Le Tissier

ISBN: 9780752495347
Year of publication: 2013

Tony Le Tissier SLAUGHTER AT HALBE THE DESTRUCTION OF HITLERS 9TH ARMY Abbreviations A Army Arty Artillery BBde Brigade BFBye Fr Byelorussian Front C Corps D Division Elms Elements FWL Forest Wardens Lodge GGds Guards GCC Guards Cavalry Corps Gp Group Gr Grenadier Grn Garrison How Howitzer HQ Headquarters Hy Heavy ID Infantry Division Lt Light MMech Mechanized Mor Mortar Mtn Mountain Pol Police Pz Panzer SA Shock Army R Rifle Regt ......

Keywords: Europe Germany Russia Russia and former Soviet Republics World War II