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Finland at War: The Continuation and Lapland Wars 1941-45

Finland at War: The Continuation and Lapland Wars 1941-45

Vesa Nenye
Peter Munter
Toni Wirtanen
Chris Birks

ISBN: 9781472815262
Year of publication: 2016

Vesa Nenye with Peter Munter, Toni Wirtanen and Chris Birks FINLAND AT WAR THE CONTINUATION AND LAPLAND WARS 1941-45 DEDICATION To our children and to future generations. Remembering those countless unsung heroes whose sacrifices paid the price of freedom. Lapsillemme ja tuleville sukupolville. Muistaen niit tuhansia joiden uhraukset lunastivat meille vapauden. This rendition of Akseli Gallen-Kallelas The Defense of the Sampo was painted by Angelika Rasmus. It depicts Marshal Mannerheim leading ...

Keywords: 20th Century Eastern Europe Germany History Modern (16th-21st Centuries) Scandinavia USSR World World War II
The Fault Line

The Fault Line

Paolo Rumiz

ISBN: 9780847845453
Year of publication: 2015

Paolo Rumiz THE FAULT LINE TRAVELING THE OTHER EUROPE, FROM FINLAND TO UKRAINE MAP Preface You always go back to the scene of the crime. I suppose thats why on a rainy day in January 2014, I set out again for the land of rivers, lakes, and forests that I had traveled through six years earlier on my unforgettable vertical journey along the eastern border of the European Union. To blame for my return was the First World War. One hundred years had passed since it began, and I had realized in ...

Keywords: Belarus Ethnic and National Europe Historical Study and Educational Resources Scandinavia Social History Travel Travelers and Explorers Ukrainel
Finland's War of Choice

Finland's War of Choice

Henrik O Lunde

ISBN: 9781935149484
Year of publication: 2011

Henrik O. Lunde FINLANDS WAR OF CHOICE THE TROUBLED GERMAN-FINNISH ALLIANCE IN WORLD WAR II MAPS 1. Finland 2. Planned Operations 3. The Litsa Operational Area 4. SallaKayrala Offensive 5. III Corps Operations 6. Kayrala Encirclement and Drive to the Verman Lakes 7. Karelian Offensive 1941 8. Karelian Isthmus Offensive 1941 9. Supply and Evacuation Routes Across Lake Ladoga 10. Soviet Karelian Isthmus Offensive 1944 11. Soviet East Karelia Offensive 1944 12. German Disengagement and ...

Keywords: Europe Germany Scandinavia USSR World War II