Keywords: sci-fi & fantasy

Beyond the Stars: At Galaxy's Edge

Beyond the Stars: At Galaxy's Edge

Anthea Sharp
David Bruns
Jennifer Foehner Wells
Nick Webb
Piers Platt
Michael Anderle
G S Jennsen
Chris Fox
E E Giorgi
Christopher J Valin
Caroline A Gill
Adam Quinn
Michael Ezell

Year of publication: 2016

Beyond the Stars At Galaxys Edge a space opera anthology What people are saying about the Beyond the Stars series: Great stories, great writers and a blisteringly good collection. I really dont know why Im surprised anymore to find that the quality of every story is so good Every one of these stories is excellent. All of them stretch your mind into thinking new thoughts and seeing old thoughts in new ways. I enjoyed every story in this collection... in fact, I loved most of them... and Im ...

Keywords: Sci-Fi & Fantasy