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M W Huffman

ISBN: 9781494211813
Year of publication: 2013

M. W. Huffman BlackStar But what is the greatest evil If you are going to epitomize evil, what is it Is it the bomb The greatest evil that one has to fight constantly, every minute of the day until one dies, is the worse part of oneself. Patrick Mcgoohan- OTHER BOOKS PUBLISHED BY MW HUFFMAN THE END BOOK I of The Event Series THE BEGINNING BOOK II of The Event Series THE REVELATION BOOK III of The Event Series The Second Civil War BOOK I-A Nation Divided The Second Civil War Book II-A Nation ...

Keywords: Area 51 Groom Lake Science Fiction Secret Military Base Secret Weapon Technothriller Thriller
Dulce Base

Dulce Base

Greg Strandberg

ISBN: 1508519153
Year of publication: 2014

Greg Strandberg Dulce Base Prelude Level 2 Dulce Base Dulce, New Mexico Friday, May 1, 1975 Reggie Copeland hated Dulce Base, hated being underground, and hated being away from his trailer with its TV and fridge full of cold beer. He hated Mount Archuleta and meant to get out the first damn chance he got, and had been meaning to since hed turned 18 nearly two decades earlier. He frowned and slumped over the steering wheel of the large dump truck, one with tires fifteen feet high. What the hell ...

Keywords: Action Aliens Dulce Base Mystery Science Fiction Secret Military Base Thriller


Steve Alten

ISBN: 9781943957057
Year of publication: 2017

Steve Alten Undisclosed Other titles by Steve Alten MEG SERIES MEG Viper Press, a division of A M Publishing The TRENCH KensingtonPinnacle MEG: Primal Waters TorForge MEG: Hells Aquarium TorForge MEG: Night Stalkers TorForge MAYAN DOOMSDAY SERIES DOMAIN TorForge RESURRECTION TorForge PHOBOS: Mayan Fear TorForge The LOCH NESS Series The LOCH TorForge VOSTOK TorForge GOLIATH TorForge THE SHELL GAME TorForge GRIM REAPER: End of Days TorForge. THE OMEGA PROJECT TorForge SHARKMAN VIPER Press, a ...

Keywords: Fiction Roswell Secret Military Base Suspense Thrillers UFO