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Colder Than Death

Colder Than Death

D B Gilles

ISBN: 9781476004914
Year of publication: 2012

D.B.Gilles COLDER THAN DEATH To my sister, Kathy, for all her support, love and encouragement over the years. Love is colder than death. Rainer Werner Fassbinder Prologue I wasnt sure if he was going to bury me alive or kill me first, but I knew that one way or another the grave I was digging was my own. He made me dig at gunpoint. So I wouldnt scream, he put duct tape over my mouth, not that I would have been able to utter even a peep, my throat was so dry. He had me stop digging at what seemed ...

Keywords: amateur sleuth Murder murder mystery psychological suspense psychological thriller serial killer small town murder