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Nightflyers: The Illustrated Edition

Nightflyers: The Illustrated Edition

George R R Martin
David Palumbo

ISBN: 9780525619680
Year of publication: 2018

George R. R. Martin NIGHTFLYERS The Illustrated Edition WHEN JESUS OF NAZARETH HUNG DYING on his cross, the volcryn passed within a year of his agony, headed outward. When the Fire Wars raged on Earth, the volcryn sailed near Old Poseidon, where the seas were still unnamed and unfished. By the time the stardrive had transformed the Federated Nations of Earth into the Federal Empire, the volcryn had moved into the fringes of Hrangan space. The Hrangans never knew it. Like us they were children of ...

Keywords: Alien Contact novella Space Exploration
Project MARS: A Technical Tale

Project MARS: A Technical Tale

Wernher von Braun

ISBN: 9780973820331
Year of publication: 2006

Dr. Wernher von Braun Project MARS: A Technical Tale A fiery chariot, borne on buoyant pinions, Sweeps near me now I soon shall ready be To pierce the ethers high, unknown dominions, To reach new spheres of pure activity This godlike rapture, this supreme existence, Do I, but now a worm, deserve to track Yes, resolute to reach some brighter distance, On Earths fair Sun I turn my back Yes, let me dare those gates to fling asunder, Which every man would fain go slinking by T is time, through deeds ...

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Michael Bunker

ISBN: 9781497502758
Year of publication: 2014

Michael Bunker PENNSYLVANIA THE COMPLETE NOVEL To everyone who dares to start anew. KNOT 1: Pennsylvania 1 OLD PENNSYLVANIA Explain it to me again, brother. How do you get from here to there Jed pushed his forehead into Zoes flank to make certain that she didnt kick. She didnt do it often, but shed nailed him before and he wasnt anxious for a repeat of that performance. He exhaled in mock annoyance at his little brothers questions, but the truth was that he loved talking about the journey. He ...

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